Instructions for use Variconis

Variconis – instructions for use

instructions for use of the Variconis

One of the most effective and rapid means of the varicose disease in italy, in the day – to-gel Variconis. Combining a multitude of unique natural components, the tool allows the damaged the vessels, relaxes interleaving the muscles and relieves the cramps. In addition, the medication normalizes the circulation of blood and eliminate the root causes of varicose veins, in place of order to simply mask the symptoms.

For the use of the drug is more effective, and the course of the therapy fast, you need to know how to use the product and follow the instructions in precision.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of gel on the problematic place, massage movements until dissolved. Use the tool two times in the day, it is recommended to combine with small exercise, walks for the best effect. The course of application is 30 days, but when initiated the stage of varicose veins may need more time to the therapeutic effect.


  • The feeling of heaviness in the legs after walking.
  • The dryness of the skin, itching and burning.
  • The manifestation convex veins, the education of the knots and of the stars.
  • Pain syndrome.
  • The appearance of ulcers.


Gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis you do not have contraindications or side effects. All thanks to the absence of as part of the tools with aggressive chemical, natural and absolutely certain of the ingredients. The only contraindication can serve individual of the body's reaction to one of the components.